Your Questions About Penis Size…Answered!

The human penis. Perhaps the most talked about, worried about, thought about, and in some cases laughed about organ of either gender. Why is this? What makes this particular dangly, non-essential (for life anyway) body part so popular? Well, there are many reasons. We are a developed and very self aware species that is sexually driven. The penis is therefore important to both men and women for successful and satisfying sexual encounters.

In the more recent past, say one or two hundred years ago, the size of a man’s penis was not as big a deal (excuse the pun!) as it is now. Women have far greater equality today and so now expect to satisfied by their male partner, whereas in the past she may have had to marry and live the rest of her life with a man she’d never seen naked before. For some women the size of a man’s gentials is a factor that influences her sexual enjoyment. The rise of technology and the internet has also had a huge impact on the amount of attention penis size gets.

Blogs, forums and other websites have given people an anonymous way of talking to each other, sharing thoughts, ideas, fantasies and more….including what penis sizes they like/dislike, or are normal, large, or small. This simply wouldn’t happen in person. Yes there are some men and women who do openly discuss their preferences, but for the most part people are too embarassed by this still slightly tabboo topic to talk about it in public.

Television, newspapers, magazines, and radio have all played a part as well. The human penis is often referenced in jokes, usually to do with size. But perhaps the biggest influence on our fascination with the size of penises is pornography. Since the early days of the web, there has been porn online. And the men who perform in these adult films are commonly larger than average in length and girth. But, try telling that to an impressionable young man who starts watching these films…all he can think is “Woah! I’m not anywhere near as big as these guys!”.

With such a misunderstood topic having such a massive amount of attention, it’s my aim to give you the straight facts and figures about penis size, how you measure up, and how best to use what you have been given. Please dig in and enjoy!

Michael Anderson.